Zoom sensitivity

Hello OA-people! Today Guild has some game and config information to share with you.

Have you ever felt that the sensitivity in game when zooming doesn’t feel quite the same as when you are unzoomed? You are probably not alone.

The zoom sensitivity formula in OpenArena vertical_fov / 75.0. This formula is a bit flawed if your want to preserve the exact same sensitivity feeling when playing zoomed and unzoomed. There is a better and more correct formula explained below!

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Clan war with SoS

Great news, OA folks! Clans and clans rivalry still exist in OA. And the proof is right here… :D Yesterday (May 28, 2017) we had 4 awesome, memorable and just good matches with our SoS friends. Two all weapons, and of course, two instantgib parties.

The first all weaps match was truly intensive, we were leading at the beginning, but then SoS warmed up and started to recoup amazingly fast, so only time limit stopped them. ;)

#1: ps37ctf-mmp, all weapons CTF

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Hello, dear OpenArena community!

We don’t think there is a real need to introduce ourselves, if you come to this website, we are 80 percent sure you already saw us playing somewhere in OA. Well, let’s tell a bit about The Guild in general.

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