Clan war with SoS

Great news, OA folks! Clans and clans rivalry still exist in OA. And the proof is right hereā€¦ :D Yesterday (May 28, 2017) we had 4 awesome, memorable and just good matches with our SoS friends. Two all weapons, and of course, two instantgib parties.

The first all weaps match was truly intensive, we were leading at the beginning, but then SoS warmed up and started to recoup amazingly fast, so only time limit stopped them. ;)

#1: ps37ctf-mmp, all weapons CTF

The next one was very balanced too, 5-4 overtime as you can see.

#2: pul1ctf, all weapons CTF

Then we continued with two instantgib games. On speedy our opponents concentrated very seriously, and did the great job, confirming the status of perfect railers. :)

#3: speedyctf, insta CTF

The final match was spoiled a bit by some team changes during the game, but we kept it fair, and had a gg, coming to draw in insta at the end. :p

#4: ps37ctf, insta CTF


Thanks to jabba and oab, some recordings are available as well:

And finally

Hope we will do it much more often in the future!