Make betting (with both virtual currency or BTC) possible in OA.


Just for fun and to keep the game I love alive.

See also the list of Cvars and Cmds.

Version 0.1

Modified OAX. The mod is currently only CTF-oriented (both betting structure and user interface).

Modified weapons parameters.
Fast rockets (rocket speed 1000 u/s), weak RG (damage 80), LG damage is now 7.

Easy item pickup is enabled.
“High” items (you don’t need to slow down to pick them up while strafing).

Flag info widgets, new sound on flag drops.

Advanced scoreboard.
New statistics such as K/D ratio, accuracy, damage (taken and given), average speed, number of flag captures and grabs, favorite weapon (the one with which player made maximal damage). It is also possible to configure additional scoreboard design effects (see client-side Cvars section below).

New available console commands.
Stuff you can call by typing /<command> in OA game console.

 - bet              <horse>[red,blue] <amount> <currency>[BTC,OAC]
 - unbet            <bet_ID>
 - pastBets
 - pastBets         elder
 - betsSummary
 - ready
 - help
 - shareBalance
 - shareBalance     <currency>[BTC,OAC]

Graphical menu to make, discard and edit bets.

Game stages

Game process is splitted into the following stages, the only way to switch between them is to use ready command or by finishing the match in some way.

New Cvars



How to earn OaCoins?

Future solutions

For developers

Source code is available on GitHub. See the README for implementation and internals overview.